Cash Me!

Easily send and receive money!


You ever need to pay someone back or they need to pay you back? This Siri shortcut makes this process easy for you! Simply select your choice of service and whether you are sending or requesting and be on your way.

Currently supports the following services

  • Apply Pay (sending and requesting payments)
  • Cash App (sending and requesting payments)
  • Venmo (sending and requesting payments)
  • PayPal (displaying a QR code of your link for them to scan to pay you)


The only configuration you have to make (optional) is for your PayPal link. You will have to scan through the shortcut the add your link.

This shortcut supports Swing Updater!

This shortcut supports Swing Updater!

  • Inspired by Pay Me! from @PaRkThEcAr
  • Special thanks to @D3W10 for creating the wonderful Swing Updater [E]
  • Thanks to @Harley Hicks for the wonderful RoutineHub community

Latest Release Notes

1.0 - May 22, 2020, 8:59 p.m.

Initial version

Past versions