The all in one Artwork Downloader for Albums, Artists, Movies, Apps, AppleTV Shows, Playlists & more


Welcome to HighResArtwork. an all in one Artwork Downloader for lots of different sources.

Important notes to start, some of the Screenshots you are seeing here may differ from the latest version which can all be reverted in Settings. This also affects the Share+ menu which is now disabled by default following feedback.


This shortcut will download the artwork of any Apple Source (+all major streaming platforms) in the highest resolution possible (usually between 3000x3000 and 4000x4000). All of the following things are supported:


As you can see it's a total of 12 different things. What’s also important to note is:

Albums do not only work for Apple Music, but all major streaming platforms as I integrated parts of my Song.Link shortcut here.
Update: now also supports downloading artwork directly from SoundCloud if the song is not found on Apple Music.

Artists can also be used with links from songs/albums/music-videos. This means that you can also use it with the album link from another streaming platform (the song.link api does not support artist link conversion).

AppleTV does not only work for shows from Apple directly, but with all shows or movies that you can find in the app.

You can use all media with a link or you can search it from within the shortcut (except AppleTV, Playlists and Radio Stations, there you will be prompted to open the app if no link is found).




You can also customize almost every aspect of the shortcut! (all the values are explained inside the shortcut)


*The second Dictionary now looks a little different and includes even more options. If you are having trouble changing Settings I uploaded a short video here

Hope you enjoy the Shortcut :D

You can also visit my reddit profile for some more shortcuts

+the graphics you see here were made with MediaKit

Latest Release Notes

2.1 - Aug. 25, 2021, 6:20 a.m.

- Fixed download of Artist Artwork
- Fixed Current Song option showing even if there wasn't one

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