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What's this?

'Call with Prefix' makes it easy to call a phone number with your preferred prefix.

You can make a call with prefix without copy & paste from call history, Contacts, a web page etc. to a dedicated app!

Please note that the LINE Out feature previous versions had was removed and spun off as another Shortcut, 'LINE Out Helper'. Please get it if you like the feature.


At installation, you can register a prefix number you want to add prior to a phone number.

And also register the calling code of the country you want to call. Please enter 0 (zero) if you want to call domestically.

Note: this Shortcut assumes the trunk prefix of your country or the country you want to call is 0 (zero).

Whenever you like, you can change them through 'Customize Shortcut' in setting: in 'Shortcuts' app, tap the 3 dots button on 'Call with prefix' icon, tap the 3 dots button again and tap 'Customize Shortcut…'.

How to use

2 ways to use:

  1. Via iOS Action Extension

    When sharing a contact or a text including a phone number via Action Extension, start 'Call with Prefix' (tap 'Shortcuts' App and tap 'Call with Prefix'). You can make a call to the number with the registered prefix.

  2. Just start

    Or you can just start 'Call with Prefix' in 'Shortcuts' app or its Widget. It will present 3 options: to get a phone number from Contacts or Clipboard (if any) or to input directly. As well, you can make a call to the number with the prefix.

(Optional) To receive updates,


Please also install 'UpdateHub’ if you like to receive updates of 'Call with Prefix'.

You can check for updates whenever you like by running 'UpdateHub' for yourself.

Or you can also select 'Check for updates' option during 'Call with Prefix' run in 'Just start' mode.

Latest Release Notes

3.2.0 - Jan. 29, 2021, 4:40 a.m.


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