App Wishlist Pro (iOS 15-17)

Add apps to your wishlist and check for any available discounts!


Menu Builder

iOS 14 Version

Download iOS 14 version of this shortcut from Here

  • Brief Description:
  • This shortcut allows you to add apps from the AppStore to a Wishlist created using Data Jar app (Free).

    (Make sure to download the app first!)

    Then you can run the shortcut within the Shortcuts app to check for any available discounts.

  • How to Use App Wishlist Pro:
  • ① Download Data Jar App:

    Download from Here. Run the app at least once after downloading.

    ② Add Apps to the Wishlist:

    Go to the Application Store page, click the "Share" button to access the Share Sheet. You can either copy the URL then run "App Wishlist Pro" within the shortcuts app:

    alt text

    Or run "App Wishlist Pro" directly from the Share Sheet:

    alt text

    ③ View Apps in your list:

    Run "App Wishlist Pro" and select "View Apps List" option to view your recently added app:

    alt text

    Later you can run "Discount Checker" option to check for any available discounts.

  • App Wishlist Pro Features:
    • ① Add App to the Wishlist
      ② Discount Checker
      ③ View Apps List
      Generating the list may take some time, depends on the number of Apps in your Wishlist.

      ④ Remove Apps
      Select this option to remove one or multiple Apps from your Wishlist.

    Latest Release Notes

    5.0 - Sept. 18, 2023, 7:02 p.m.

    - Support for iOS 17

    Version history