App Wishlist Pro

Add apps to your wishlist and check for any available discounts!


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  • Brief Description:
  • This shortcut allows you to add apps from the AppStore to a Wishlist created using Data Jar app (Free).

    (Make sure to download the app first!)

    Then you can run the shortcut within the Shortcuts app to check for any available discounts.

  • How to Use App Wishlist Pro:
  • ① Download Data Jar App:

    Download from Here. Run the app at least once after downloading.

    ② Add Apps to the Wishlist:

    Go to the Application Store page, click the "Share" button to access the Share Sheet. You can either copy the URL then run "App Wishlist Pro" within the shortcuts app:

    alt text

    Or run "App Wishlist Pro" directly from the Share Sheet:

    alt text

    ③ View Apps in your list:

    Run "App Wishlist Pro" and select "View Apps List" option to view your recently added app:

    alt text

    Later you can run "Discount Checker" option to check for any available discounts.

  • App Wishlist Pro Features:
    • ① Add App to the Wishlist
      ② Discount Checker
      ③ View Apps List
      Generating the list may take some time, depends on the number of Apps in your Wishlist.

      ④ Remove Apps
      Select this option to remove one or multiple Apps from your Wishlist.

    Latest Release Notes

    3.1 - July 10, 2021, 10:44 p.m.

    - Added the “Date Modified” checker and fixer under “View Apps List”, to speed up running the shortcut

    - Added “Date Modified” checker under each option, if the date modified doesn’t exist in one of the added apps in your list, you need to run the shortcut again and select “View Apps List” to fix this issue.

    Version history