Spotify Featured Playlists

Shows the currently featured Playlists from Spotify


Spotify Featured Playlists

This shortcut is an easy way to see the current Featured Playlists from Spotify. It uses your Spotify country, locale and the current timestamp to get the featured playlists dynamically. The playlists are presented as a nice looking menu with album covers. Just tap on an item to open it in the Spotify app. The shortcut is using the official Spotify Web API.

Important: This shortcut depends on another additional shortcut which you need to download first in order to make it work:

Spotify Get Search Token → Please download this shortcut beforehand and make sure to follow the instructions!

You'll need both DataJar and Toolbox Pro to get this shortcut to work. DataJar makes it easy and secure to store all Spotify API credentials and the tokens will be reused as long as they are valid. Toolbox Pro helps to create a nice looking menu with album cover art.

To customise the search results you might want to add your Spotify country code (ISO 3166-1) inside your DataJar dictionary as well: (e.g. US or GB).



Latest Release Notes

1.0.0 - May 29, 2020, 11:32 a.m.

initial release