Battery Maintenance

Preserve Your Battery To The Max ⚡️




• Battery Maintenance Allows You To Conserve Your Battery Limit To The Max.


• Setting up Battery Maintenance is very easy, once installed just hit done on the beautiful splash screen!


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Latest Release Notes

4.6 - Oct. 6, 2020, 5:12 a.m.

-—————Update Log (V-4.6)————-
- Guided access has to be enabled in the settings for aod oled to properly work.
- There must also be a password enabled for it to work.
- I am running out of ideas to add to this shortcut please suggest some below!
• UI
- New AOD OLED menu.
• Features
- AOD OLED is now available. You can now charge your phone with a beautiful AOD. OLEDX app is required.
• Question
- Link to OLEDX and new text.
• Setup
- Now in the setup it will ask you if you’d like to download OLEDX.

Past versions