Ultimate Minecraft shortcut

The best utility for Minecraft PE


Hey ! Let me present you a shortcut which is simply the best Minecraft utility shortcut.


Technically, it include six different features :

  • Convert and import map in Mc
  • Create map in Mc
  • Find potion recipe
  • Encode and decode in galactic alphabet (the enchantment table alphabet)
  • Download texture pack, shaders and cheats.
  • Tutorials to use the preceding feature
  • Generate basic commands

The principal menu : We are on the end of our sausages stock!

Recipe potion finder is from u/skillplants and the encoder/decoder of galactic alphabet is based on a idea of u/gianflo6

This shortcut supports Swing Updater!

Contact me on Reddit ( u/elio_27 ) If you have an idea of feature to add to the shortcut

Latest Release Notes

2.1 - Sept. 1, 2020, 7:44 a.m.

- Fixed a bug in the config part. Now this shortcut works.

Version history