Share Your Secrets™

Share & Reveal Secret Messages


Made for iOS 12

Share Your Secrets™

With this shortcut you can simply share a secret to another person, who’s got the same shortcut in his library. The message you enter will be encoded multiple times, so that nobody else can decode it (unless the person knows how many times it has been encoded).

Share Your Secrets is 100% Malware Free

You’ve got two options:

1. Share secret

2. Reveal secret

  1. Just write your message or simply paste some text that is already in your clipboard. Your secret will be encoded three times and copied to your clipboard. After that you can choose between sending your message via iMessage, WhatsApp and Mail (or just hit the Share button).

  2. If you received an encoded secret from your friend, just copy and paste it (if it is already in your clipboard, you only need to paste it of course). An alert will show the decoded message, but the text will not be copied to your clipboard—that way it’s for your eyes only!

That’s it!

Feel free to change the quantity of encoding and decoding steps. Simply add the same actions again and again. Keep in mind: If you encode the message e.g. 7 times, you need to decode it 7 times. The number of encoding and decoding steps has to be equal. Otherwise this won’t work.

That way nobody will know how many times your message has been encoded! Just you and your friend!

BTW: I’ve tried using repeating actions, so anybody could just increase the number of reps easily by just tapping, but it ended up with the text not being encoded multiple times (and I’ve tried about six different ways). That’s why I’ve ended up with this result. And it works! ;)


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