A powerful developer tool built for ensure a better user experience


The project is currently deprecated, it may or may not revive in the future but at the moment no updates are planned. Thanks everyone for the support

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Welcome to ScreenKit!

ScreenKit is a powerful developer tool built for creating nice and Apple-like documentations, welcome screens and update screens.
You don't need any coding knowledge, ScreenKit does all the work for you.


The ScreenKit documentation available at has been completely designed and built with ScreenKit.

ScreenKit generates an HTML and CSS page and copies the code in your clipboard, so you can easily implement it in your shortcuts (or even webpages).



Quick. ScreenKit is the quickest way to create nice pages to implement everywhere

Simple. You don’t need any coding knowledge and the entire shortcut is built for offer the best UX possible

Powerful. ScreenKit features different styles, automatic dark/light mode switcher and the smooth-scroll script for a better UI/UX


Welcome screens

ScreenKit generates wonderful welcome screens, fully compatible with every iOS and iPadOS device.


Two different styles to choose between, Compact and Extended!
Every page generated with ScreenKit is automatically light/dark mode compatible, have a fresh design and it's easy to include.



ScreenKit generates also great documentations, that can be used both in shortcuts and in websites. Documentations are fully compatible with both mobile and desktop, so don't worry it will look good everywhere!

Every page generated with ScreenKit is automatically light/dark mode compatible.
In a documentation created with ScreenKit, you can include images, bold text, lists and everything you can create using HTML properties.


Update Screens

With the 1.2 update, Update Screens have been added to ScreenKit. There are two types of Update Screen, both easy to implement, fresh and user friendly.

Install Update screen

This screen lets the developer show the user a wonderful and fresh update prompt, with release notes and download button. All this stuff is generated automatically thanks to the great power of the JavaScript. You only need to enter the RoutineHub ID of your shortcut and ScreenKit will do all the work once again.



What's New screen

The What's New screen is meant for showing once after each update and inform the user about the new stuff introduced with that update. Also here, ScreenKit does all the work using JavaScript while you only have to enter the RoutineHub ID of your Shortcut.
If you need help about how to use this screen, you can check the ScreenKit shortcut itself or contact me.


Take note that Update screens must be implemented in a different way from the other screens. Please check out the Documentation at


Design and customization

Now supports iOS 13 and 14 colors!


Don't like the old apple colors? ScreenKit lets you to choose another custom color, even a gradient!


If you need more help or infos

You can check the ScreenKit Documentations for more informations or for check how to implement the code in your shortcuts.
You can always contact me writing a feedback down here or writing e on Twitter or Reddit.


Support badge

If you'll use a page generated with ScreenKit, please link and credit my shortcut, pasting in your RoutineHub description this code:




  • elio27 for beta tests, feedbacks and suggestions.
  • D3W10 for his Swing Updater
  • ROP for his MediaKit
  • The RH Discord community for testing and various tips
  • The Ionic framework team for the ionicons set
  • All the code contained in ScreenKit has been written by me except the smooth-scroll script which is from Chris Ferdinandi (cferdinandi on GitHub). His code is under the MIT license.
  • This shortcut is not yet compatible with iOS 14, because some actions are currently broken in the iOS14 Developer Beta 3. The temporary workaround is changing each Show Web Page actions with the Quick Look one, even if this could cause some problems with JavaScript and/or other stuff.






Feedbacks, suggestions and requests are always well accepted! Feel free to contact me :)

Latest Release Notes

1.4 - April 11, 2021, 8:51 p.m.

This version fixes a bug with colors in What’s new screens.
Credits to @JannikThienel on Twitter for their feedback.

Version history