Launch or copy a web link or URL schemes.



The USLauncher for iOS14 with many parts reworked and posted separately here.

Launch web links and URL schemes using plist text.

This shortcut reads the plist-based text saved beforehand in Bear memo as a dictionary, and starts and copies web links and URL schemes.

Download the following "Bear" to use the shortcut.

Write the text describing the title and web link or URL scheme on a plist basis in the notes of the Bear memo you downloaded.
(Below is a sample.)

Paste the copied text into "Bear" and put the identifier of the memo in the shortcut Overwrite the identifier of the "Get Bear Memo Content" action.
You are now ready to go.
When you launch the shortcut, you can read the plist of the specified "Bear" memo and add the contents to the List.
If there is more than one URL scheme If the link is empty, the specification says "There is no URL scheme in this version"; if there is a single link, you are asked to activate or copy it.
If there are more than two links, you are asked to select one of them, and then you are asked to activate or copy it.


  • Older devices or older iOS devices do not seem to be able to search for keywords when the item is added.
  • Don't forget to escape special characters when you do your own customization.

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