Clocking In/Out

Clock in/out anytime - estimates of how much you earned - Add dates


I took the clocking in/out shortcut i found a while back and improved it a LOT.

  1. Clock in and out anytime - it will save and give you the time and date you clocked in/out - save the estimate you earned - save the amount you worked

  2. Add dates you missed - will do the exact same as clocking in/out but this time you enter the date and time -- it will be highlighted with bulletpoints as it doesn't save in chronological order

  3. View the files - you can view all the information

  4. Edit the files - change/Delete any mistakes you've made

  5. Asks for break time - it will take away the time you were on break from the total time working

Latest Release Notes

3.3 - Oct. 29, 2018, 6:21 p.m.

Initial Version

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