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Welcome to Device Control! A shortcut where you can either respring, restart, or enable battery options right from the today widget! This shortcut requires a certain iOS to be installed on your device. To know what version you want to get what features you want, refer to the bottom of the page.

Coming in 2.0:

I also have future plans to make Device Control back to being Universal, meaning all iOS Versions are able to use it again. This is what keeps users lenient on updating, since of jailbreaks, unstable versions, etc.

Progress v2.0:

I am aware that iOS 12.3 just got released and I will not be able to update this shortcut to iOS 12.3 because I will be focusing on v2.0. I'm hoping to get this done soon as I am finishing out my senior year, so that's why there hasn't been an update in quite a while too. Check back here often for updates.

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(as of 5/13/19 @ 1:20pm)

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Respring Modes:

Sadly, respring has been patched by Apple. v1.21.7 is out now to address the issue.

Feature Requires iOS Patch iOS
Respring 12.0.0 12.2
Restart 12.0 12.1

Other Options:

Work in progress.

Device Information:
Version Requires iOS
0.0 - 0.54 12.0
0.54 - 1.10.4 12.0.1
1.10.4 - 1.20 12.1
1.20.1 - 1.21.41 12.1.1
1.21.5 - Latest 12.1.2



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Latest Release Notes

1.21.7 - March 27, 2019, 3:28 a.m.

• iOS 12.2 support
• IMPORTANT: Reboot (Respring) will not work in this version. Sadly, Apple had patched the appleprintcenter:// bug. If I find another method, I will release it.

For now, this might the last update until v2.0. I was waiting on to release it with 2.0, but I wanted to get it out there ASAP so people will know instead of telling me it’s not working.

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