I'm getting pulled over - 18 Actions

Click of a button or Invoke Siri and exclaim “I’m getting pulled over” to auto-perform 18 actions.


Siri, I'm being pulled over

When launching it for the very first time, You will be prompted to choose your contacts (whom you wish to notify of the incident) twice. First time is for Action 12 and Second is for Action 15

Below are the sequential actions performed when running this shortcut:

Actions 1 - 4:

Make note of your current screen brightness and device volume These values will be used later on at the end, to restore the settings to their original state

Action 5:

Activates Do Not Disturb until its deactivated

Actions 6 - 7:

Lowers the Screen brightness and Device volume down to zero percent

Actions 8 - 12:

Note the current Date, Time and your current Geographic location, then formats it neatly and grammatically to be sent as text via iMessage to the chosen contact or contacts including Latitude and Longitude details (in case the address didn’t make sense or doesn’t exist for example in an uncharted location like a large national park or forest

Actions 13 - 14:

Initiates audio + video recording of the interaction with front facing camera. You will be required to manually STOP the recording when ready, the video will save automatically and Action 15 will resume

Action 15:

Sends a copy of the video interaction to your chosen contact or contacts

Actions 16 - 18:

Deactivates Do Not Disturb which was activated by Action 5 and Restores Screen brightness and device volume level to values noted by Actions 1 - 4

Latest Release Notes

1.00 - June 29, 2020, 10:32 p.m.


Past versions