Quick Install

Shortcut dependency manager



What is Quick Install?

Reduces all the actions your shortcut would take to check for and install dependencies down to 2 actions.

This makes Quick Install the only Shortcut you’ll need to check is added to the users Shortcuts.


Send a dictionary to Quick Install with:

Key Type Value
name (Required) Text Name of your Shortcut
sources (Required) Array URL(s) of shortcuts to install. (eg. RoutineHub, iCloud, or your own self hosted link)



URL Handling

RoutineHub URL: https://routinehub.co/shortcut/{id}

iCloud Link: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/{id}

Any RoutineHub or iCloud links will prompt to install the Shortcut without leaving the Shortcuts app. Any other link will prompt the user to open it in their default browser.

During the attempt to install a shortcut from a custom link, if the user presses “Open Install URL”, the link is then cached so Quick Install knows not to prompt the user again.


After trying to install the Shortcuts sources, one of the following four strings will be before each source your Shortcut inputted:

userRejected: User selected “Don’t install” or “Don’t open”.

notFound: RoutineHub or iCloud link didn’t work.

alreadyInstalled: The user already has that Shortcut in their library or the link was not a RoutineHub or iCloud URL and was cached as a URL that the user has already opened.

installed: User selected “Install” or “Open Install URL”.

Example Shortcut

Here is an example shortcut if you have any issues implementing Quick Install into your Shortcut:

Quick Install Example Shortcut

Latest Release Notes

1.0.5 - May 10, 2021, 3:45 p.m.

iOS 14 version

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