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iOS 15: Not tested iOS 15: Not tested

[WARNING: On 2021-06-26 I was made aware that the website has stopped working]

Someone at asked about making a shortcut for, a site I didn't know (I'm not even a Spotify user).

It turns out that it was quite easy to make Shortcuts act as a significantly better interface for the site:

  • Select which tracks to download
  • Get a notification when a track isn't available
  • Adjust the bitrate of the downloaded files (import question)
  • Save tracks with the track number in the filename
  • Fix problematic characters that don't allow some downloads

NOTE: The website seems to require playlist URLs with the "si" parameter (i.e. they have an ?si= in them)

Enjoy it while it last! ;-)

Latest Release Notes

1.0.0 - July 5, 2020, 6:06 p.m.

First public version