Menu Builder 14 - Image Method

Image method for menus colours, transparency, icon, ellipse, rounded rectangles with 1400+ icons


Image menus not using contact cards.

  • 1400+ icons
  • Multiple colours, transparency
  • Generate different types of icon shapes, icon, ellipse, rounded rectangles.
  • App, shortcut icons, use photos or files.
  • Can rename a menu/delete item easily
  • Reload off clipboard to go back and work on a previously built menu.
  • Easy function to easily add to your Shortcuts.

How it works

Menus are built by setting the name of an image to the menu item, and adding them to an archive, which then is base 64 encoded. The Shortcut will copy your completed menu out on to the clipboard.

Using in your shortcuts.


If the images are used in a list along with a piece of text eg a prompt, will force it to appear as a list with images, rather than show the image browser.

Example of how to use the data copied out in your own Shortcut here:

Function (easy, but)

An example of an easy way to add the menus to your Shortcut but Menu Builder 14 must be installed. A great way to quickly and very easily add image menus to Shortcuts you probably won't be sharing to people. You only need to add a dictionary, and a run Shortcut command.

Dictionary should be

Process : Menu Builder
Menu: (what is copied out of Menu Builder ie b64 archived images) 
Input Type: Single/Multiple
Message: for the prompt.

Example Shortcut using the built in function:

This is also available as a separate external function, so you can provide it with any Shortcut you want to share. These helper Shortcuts aren't very popular though and most people like a self contained Shortcut. Please see the advanced example for how you might like to build it into your own Shortcut. Helper function Shortcut

Advanced (self contained, more for a bigger Shortcut where with lots of menus)

Example for a Shortcut/Starting point where you might have several menus. (bit more advanced using functions) Build menus into your Shortcut example

Get/Make lots of different icons for your menus. IMG-4889

Place Icons exactly where you want them.


Links - Menu Builder 14 vcard method - Menu Builder 14 Image method - Helper Shortcut for the Image method - Snippet/example

Latest Release Notes

14.56 - Oct. 19, 2020, 7:45 p.m.

Oops mess-up version numbers.

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