Backup your shortcuts!


Introducing QuickBackup

QuickBackup is not just any backup shortcut. It has been made to have seamless compatibility for both iOS 13 and iOS 14, has been made to look gorgeous with image menus that work on both iOS 13 and iOS 14, and has been heavily tested, ensuring you to have a stable and absolutely beautiful experience with this wonderful shortcut.

Incredible Size Management

QuickBackup uses links to backup shortcuts. This makes even massive shortcuts take an average of only about 12KB - an incredibly small file size.

Beautiful Menus

QuickBackup has beautiful menus that not only work on iOS 13, but also is the first major shortcut to have image menus that work on iOS 14 as well. This will ensure that no matter what firmware you’re on, you’ll get a gorgeous experience.

Packed with a speedy and feature-filled Integrated Updater.

QuickBackup uses QuickUpdate: Integrated Edition to check for updates. This is an incredible updater with menus for both iOS 13 and 14. This also allows you to check for updates for this shortcut using UltraUpdate if you wish.

Beta and Bug Testing Server

Join the Discord Server to test Betas and report bugs of my shortcuts!

Latest Release Notes

1.12 - July 30, 2021, 7:05 p.m.

Adds a notice of deprecation for iOS 15 users.

Version history