Now shortcuts will read your books to you as audio-books


Bookshelf is a shortcut that reads your books and articles to you and saves your position when you pause it to make it easy to pick back up where you were reading.

Works great run either through Siri, the shortcuts app.

Fully Featured Book Reading Shortcut

Filled with loads of features including:

  • Easily add books

  • Multi-book support

  • Automatic bookmarking

  • Skip forward and back

  • Choose chapter

  • Search for phrase

Each feature is easily accessed through the main menu.

Easily Add Books

With Bookshelf, adding a book or article is just a few quick clicks away. You can add your source from a from a file or your clipboard. Bookshelf has been tested to support .txt, .pdf and word files and likely supports many other file formats as well.

Multi-Book Support

Bookshelf supports reading multiple books at once. You can save as many books as you want and Bookshelf will keep track of where you are in all of them. Don’t feel like reading Pollyanna today? Switch to The Shinning and get a scare.

Automatic Bookmarking

Bookshelf Automatically saves your spot as it reads your book to you. You will never have to worry about remembering where you are in your book again.

When you start reading your book after pausing Or switching to another book, the shortcut will actually pick back up a few lines back from where you paused it. This way, when you start reading again, the shortcut reminds you of what you last read rather than jumping in with no context.

Chapter and Line Skipping

Bookshelf lets you skip forward and backward a few lines or whole chapters in the book you are reading and even select the exact chapter you want to read.

Phrase/Word Search

Are you looking for a famous passage in your book? Perhaps you want to find the phrase you were trying to remember. Or maybe you just want to find every time Edward Cullen’s full name is mentioned. Just use Bookshelf’s search function to pull up all instances of the search term in moments and easily jump to the exact location you want in the book and continue readIng from there.

Happy Reading!!! iOS13

created by robric18

Graphics made with MediaKit.

Latest Release Notes

0.22 - Aug. 4, 2020, 4:48 p.m.

Updated to include better Siri interface operation.

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