Long Screenshot

Combine multiple screenshots as one


Welcome to Long Screenshot

This shortcut's purpose is to merge multiple screenshots together and make it look like one long screenshot. It gives the user the ability to choose if the header and footer should be on the final image or only to include the contents.


  1. Main Menu

    Inside the main menu, there is an option to reset, which deletes all of the saved crop settings. You can also remove specific saved crop settings in the menu.

  2. Select Screenshots

    You will first be shown screenshots you have on your device, ordered from newest to oldest. Select the screenshots you want to merge / combine together

  3. Save Crop Values

    The shortcut will ask you if you want to use previously saved crop values.

    • If you have saved values previously, it will go to work on merging the selected screenshots
    • If you say no, then it will start the crop value setup process
  4. Cropping

    The shortcut will prompt you about the cropping it has done. At this point you can determine if you like the cropping or not and then close the preview.

  5. Continue Cropping?

    Next, you decide if you want to crop more, crop less, or if you're satisfied, you can finish cropping.

    Note:The top gets cropped first, then the bottom. This is only needed for the first screenshot, then the rest of the screens following get the same cropping applied.

  6. Combining

    After the image crop is setup then the shortcut will combine all of the selected images and you are asked if you want the header and footer added to the final image or not.

  7. Preview and Save

    The final image and the crop settings can be saved after you view your combined image. Saving of the crop settings is useful so you don't have to crop screens of the same type again in the future.

    At the end you see a Quick Look of the final image and after closing that, you can save to Photos, iCloud Drive, Share, or Trash It!

  8. Name Crop Settings

    Naming your saved cropped settings (if you chose to save) is important to keep a name you'll remember what it's for (i.e. iMessage Cropping)

Note: The content of the screenshots should be captured in a way that they will properly align when combined together vertically. (i.e. The content at the bottom of the first screen should be just out of view at the top of the second screenshot).

If you need contrast to see the edges of the screenshot easier in the preview, you can switch between dark / light mode. The background of the preview window will change accordingly.


Thanks to ROP for MediaKit Graphics created with MediaKit

Thanks to Robric18 for the Image Menu tool implemented.

Example image created with the above screenshots

Latest Release Notes

1.02 - July 26, 2020, 3:14 a.m.

Version 1.02 Release Notes
- Fix for iOS 14 beta users
- Adjustment for the image preview in the welcome screen

- Total Actions: #187
- Created on iOS 13.6
- Released at 2020-07-25

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