HTML Email Template Maker

A simple HTML Email Template Maker


This shortcut allows you to customise an HTML template for sending via email.

It can be used for newsletters or just sending a professional looking email.


  • You can add your own logo from photos, iCloud or a link to a logo (make this a .png with transparent background for best results - no wider than 600px), or choose an existing, previously saved logo.
  • Change the background colour of the header and footer areas to a custom colour or choose from some built in examples
  • Customise footer text (disclaimer)
  • Change the colour of the footer text
  • Future updates will allow you to save templates and load them on demand. More default templates will also be added.

    Latest Release Notes

    2.1 - Sept. 28, 2019, 7:01 p.m.

    • Updated for iOS 13
    • Optimised UpdateKit integration and increased dependency to 6.0
    • Added the ability to save a template and load it at a later date
    • Moved everything to my own server rather than RoutineHub

    Version history