Icon Launcher

A visual launcher for shortcuts and apps. Designed to work with iOS 14 widgets.


Icon Launcher is an experimental visual launcher designed with iOS 14 widgets in mind.

Custom launchers are generated and saved as Shortcuts using @robric18's method. (See: Fancy Folder Maker)


  • Save space on your home screen by launching from a widget
  • Launch apps and shortcuts
  • Easily edit launcher layout
  • Use spacers to customize your layout
  • Support for multiple launchers
  • Does not require manual editing


  • Requires saving a shortcut each time the launcher is updated
  • iOS 14 widgets hang intermittently
  • Other methods (folders, home screen pages) may feel quicker

Watch a demo....

Icon Launcher Demo

Please note: Credit for the shortcut creation logic goes to @robric18

Latest Release Notes

0.5.1 - Aug. 12, 2020, 8:37 p.m.

- Clarified menus
- Cleaned up internals

Past versions