Icon Launcher

A visual launcher for shortcuts and apps. Compatible with iOS 14 widgets and Back Taps.


Icon Launcher is a visual launcher designed for iOS 14. Use it to launch shortcuts and apps.

Custom launchers are generated and saved as Shortcuts, which can be run from iOS 14 widgets and "Back Taps".

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  • Great for iOS 14 widgets and "Back Taps"
  • Launch apps and shortcuts
  • Easily edit launcher layout
  • Support for multiple launchers


  • Requires saving a shortcut each time the launcher is updated
  • iOS 14 widgets hang intermittently
  • Launcher editor is texted-based

Watch a demo....

Icon Launcher Demo


  1. Name your launcher.
  2. Enter the apps and shortcuts you want to launch.
  3. Save the launcher as a shortcut.
  4. Assign the shortcut to widgets and "Back Taps."

See the documentation in the shortcut for more information on customizing your launcher.

Notable Credits

Credit for the shortcut creation logic goes to @robric18, who solved some of the biggest problems that hampered launching from a widget. (See: Fancy Folder Maker)

Credit for the excellent color picker goes to @entee (See: Quick Icon Maker)

@Joexg* helped tremendously on the icon image masking. This means the Fancy Small Icons*** style looks great in Light Mode or Dark Mode.

BE sure to check out the help documentation in the shortcut for the full list of credits.

Thanks to everyone!

Latest Release Notes

0.7.0 - Sept. 18, 2020, 4:25 p.m.

- Choose from 3 icon styles
- Fancy, Flat or Square
- Fancy icons are smaller and look great in Light Mode or Dark Mode
- Flat and Square icons are large and look best in Dark Mode

- Launcher preferences have been consolidated in one menu

Version history