Never miss the date


Do you tend to forget your period date?

Then this shortcut is for you.Keep track of your menstrual(menstruation) cycle and get reminded every month.History of your cycles are stored in a particular note. This shortcut provides you with a start and end date of your period which helps in determining how long it lasted for the particular month.

Siri >>> When I say >>> Mency


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Latest Release Notes

2.1 - Sept. 27, 2020, 6:37 p.m.

Added functionality to count the no. of days the period lasted.So that you don’t have to count it manually.
Each cycle separated by a new line to keep track for a particular month.
Alignment modifications.
Note now has organised data.
Now the updater does not make the transition.
It updates in the current app itself.
Should have done this long back. Sorry for the delay.
Goal of all my shortcuts is to make as user friendly as possible.

Fixed the count issue for some devices.

Version history