Fancy Folder Maker

Easily Create a Fancy Folder Launcher


Fancy Folders Have Arrived on iOS 13 and 14.

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH iOS 15 Unfortunately, Apple broke the ability to create new shortcuts from within shortcuts in iOS15. So this shortcut no longer works.

iOS 14 Fancy Folder

example fancy folder

Click here to see a video of the folder creation process

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Five Easy Steps to Fancy Folders

STEP 1 - Enter the names of the apps you want in your folders

STEP 2 - Choose A name for your Fancy Folder

STEP 3 - Choose whether to use round or icon shaped images in your Fancy Folder

STEP 4 - Open the Link to your Fancy Folder

Three Easy Steps

Optional - To make Fancy Folders More Useful, you can add them to the home screen or iOS 14 widgets and trigger them from there (you can even customize the home screen folder’s icon)

home screen icons

Hot Tip - you can change whether your Fancy folder uses round menu icons or icon shaped menu icons. To get round icons, find the 5th action in your generated Fancy Folder shortcut (which says “If system version does not contain 14”) and change the number 14 to 13. You will now have round icons. If you have round icons already, change the number 13 to 14.

Another Hot Tip - To add apps not available in the US App Store: 1) Go about half way through the shortcut to where there are two “Search App Store” actions. Expand those actions and select the App Store region you want to use. 2) Go about 4 actions further down to the get url action “” and add your app store’s region code after the .com. For example, to search the uk store add “/gb” The new url should be “”.

Latest Release Notes

0.191 - March 7, 2021, 4:29 p.m.

Added 2 comments at beginning of generated Fancy Folder shortcuts first with name of generated shortcut. Second with a list of all apps/shortcuts in the fancy folder. The list can be easily copied if you want to create a new fancy folder with the apps in a different order or if you want to add or remove apps.

Version history