YouTube PiP and Background Music Native

Search,Dictate(until correct),Feeling Lucky button.No 3rd party Apps.Designed (3F) to *save time*.


Ever needed to play a song from YouTube while performing other tasks or while the phone screen is off?

Now you can do so by running the shortcut in the following manner:

Search-Select song to play-Share sheet-run Shortcut-perform other tasks or simply hear music while phone screen is off.

Why this? Saves you multiple clicks as compared to other similar shortcuts(gets the work done quickly).Firstly Search from shortcut itself,Secondly dictate until you get it right and lastly “I’m feeling lucky” button saves you more time. Also working with safari brings you the benefit of using ad blocker which is not the case with YouTube app.

I’m feeling lucky feature suggested by @Joexg and help provided by @mvan231, @FifiTheBulldog.

Here's a graphic representation for your convenience:



Now the only difference is that, it now (in iOS 14) gets you to PiP mode. If you want to play the song while the screen is lock, Just press the play button on the lock screen and you are done.




Please do give credits if you copy the functionalities. Thank you for the support.

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