Promote your brand directly inside your shortcuts!


PromoKit is a great way for shortcut developers to promote their brand as well as provide support to end-users from directly in their shortcut!

PromoKit creates social media buttons linked to your profile on various sites including Discord, Facebook, GitHub, Instagram, Twitter, and more!

PromoKit is perfect for gaining likes, followers, and subscribers, as well as fielding support tickets, bug reports, and feature requests.

See PromoKit in Action PromoKit v4.0 Made with MediaKit.

Screenshots PromoKit v4.0 Screenshots

Latest Release Notes

4.0.2 - Oct. 19, 2021, 6:09 a.m.

• Edited preview page for default icons* to be more clear regarding icon styles. (*Page is only visible during a user’s first time running PromoKit)

• A few other minor changes that do not have any effect on operations

Version history