Shortcut Inspector

Search RoutineHub by Name, RHID or developer name and inspect the shortcut before “downloading”


Do you ever want a quick way to find RoutineHub shortcuts from within the Shortcuts App?

Shortcut Inspector allows you to search RoutineHub by entering any word(s) in the shortcut’s title, the developer’s name or the RHID and inspect the shortcut before downloading it.

  • Do you ever want to look at what’s going on in a shortcut you see on RoutineHub but not necessarily download it onto your device?

  • Is there a shortcut you previously downloaded and deleted and want to look at it’s contents again but not “download” it again?

  • Do you want to check out the actions in a sketchy shortcut without crediting a download?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, Shortcut Inspector is for you.

Shortcut Inspector let’s you find a shortcut to inspect in four different ways: 1. search by name/keyword

  1. search by Routine Hub Shortcut ID number

  2. search by developer name

  3. running from the sharesheet on the shortcut’s RoutineHub page

Check out Shortcut inspector today and don’t forget to heart if you like the shortcut.

Latest Release Notes

0.51 - Nov. 24, 2020, 2:36 p.m.

Added silent updater (only appears when there is an update available and doesn’t nag you or interfere with the shortcut’s operation)

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