All purpose minimalistic clipboard utility.You won't need any other complex clipboard manager ever.


Get access to your Clipboard history and what not.

To store clippings:

Copy text>>>Run the shortcut>>>copy to clip

To get clippings:

Run the shortcut>>>Retrieve

Now you can either get the clip and copy to clipboard or just delete it.

Newly added visit folder feature if ever you needed to play around with your clippings.

That is to edit the name of the clip (to remember what's inside), share (multiple), to delete multiple clippings at one go.Oh yes also edit clipboard :)

For convenience use this with Back Tap and get access to all your clippings.

Compatible with iOS 14.

Latest Release Notes

1.6 - Sept. 23, 2020, 8 p.m.

Lot many fixes for iOS 14
Added prompts to not get into hang up situations.
Added exit menu to fix the freeze.
Clear instructions on what to do.

Version history