Multiple Menus with Menu Builder.

A snippet/example for one way of adding multiple menus with images in one Shortcut.


An example of how to implement several menus built with Menu Builder 14 in one Shortcut.

Something to use as a starting point for a Shortcut with image menus. Rather than always repeating the same decompress action, if you have lots of menus.

Uses functions so probably better for people that are comfortable with those.

These are snippets for adding to your Shortcuts using a tool like Mergecuts.

You can use MergeCuts to add useful sets of actions into your Shortcut, or even reuse them. These are meant for adding to a SHortcut and not for running by themselves. They may not do anything by itself, and you may need to send something into one of the actions in order for it to work eg something from your Shortcut.

Links - Menu Builder 14 vcard method - Menu Builder 14 Image method - Helper Shortcut for the Image method - Snippet/example

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