UpdateKit Polygamy

It's the original and best updater even more original and better.


It's UpdateKit, from a different perspective.

Not affiliated or endorsed by the creator of UpdateKit

  • Faster
  • Reduced Action Count
  • 99% of all UpdateKit features are in Polygamy *
  • Mike contributed to Polygamy with the suggestion to remove BlackBox

This is different from SwingPlug or EngineSwap, it uses the real PubKit API for shortcuts such as PubKit & DeLorean, and uses the regular RoutineHub API for any other shortcuts like RoutinePub, this speeds up the process quite a bit, and removes the middleman just for RoutineHub and Update update in general. It also reduces the action count by nearly 1/2!

* Features Excluded
- (Recent) BlackBox API - Cancel Exit Mode - Certain Localizations (Most translations are present) - ~~vCards~~ (have been added)

Latest Release Notes

2020.8.5 - Aug. 19, 2020, 2:14 p.m.

Includes NEW icons!

Actions - 152
Published on - Aug 19, 2020
System Version - 14.0

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