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Mac Maestro

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1.4 3 years ago
iOS 12
• Added (iTunes) "Skip to Next Album" feature via mmhelper (update mmhelper required)
• Display Sleep, System Sleep
• Wake on LAN (via Open App…; Recommended: Mocha WOL *)
• fixed quoting issue with Transfer Clipboard>Send to Mac
• added option to specify different external SSH port (optional)
• no preferences reset required from version 1.2+ :)
* Mocha WOL is free! You can install any WOL app, but if you install that one before running this updated shortcut you probably don't need to scroll down the the WOL section to select in in the Open App… action. Otherwise you likely will.


1.3 3 years ago
iOS 12
• hotfix for issues related to loading profiles and settings.
• sorry about that. there were too many possible combinations of loading invalid creds & logins from profile settings and I didn't anticipate them all. can't say I've thought of everything, but I've taken more possibilities into account now…
• pulled link to version 1.2, because of these issues.


1.2 3 years ago
iOS 12
• Huge update, really should be 2.0. I barely slept for a week!
• fixed UpdateKit bug (earlier versions will not update due to it; update manually)
• iTunes Search & Play*
• Retains iTunes search history, can be cleared in preferences
• iTunes Repeat & Shuffle
• iTunes Current Song gets either local or iTunes Store artwork (can set either or neither)
• Photos support*: fetch a few photos from selected albums, favorites, recents, etc.
• Photos: control slide show on Mac
• Launch Application: can set choices in prefs dictionary
• Launch Application: open any in /Applications
• Transfer Clipboard from Mac to device and vice versa
• List, Quit, and Kill both Applications and background processes (with due warning)
• View Preferences
• Install mmhelper directly on Mac!
• Improved network initialization, makes smart choices based on settings and wifi/cellular data
• donation option :)
• plenty of internal tweaking and optimization
• comments & credits (thx again u/pwd123456)
• updated screenshots
• unfortunately requires resetting previous settings. will try hard to avoid further need for that.

* these features require MM Helper to be installed.


1.1 3 years ago
iOS 12
• Applications can now be quit or killed from menu
• Select and play playlists, with options!
• improved speed of iTunes current track fetching
• Profile ability (2 profiles). See in-shortcut comments.
• Easter Egg: Today Only! Sorta.
• other under-the-hood tweaks & fixes
• updated screenshots
• Just an eager beaver here, pushed this out a day after first release, then… a couple bug pulls and silent re-releases of 1.1
• Note: If you saved vers. 1.0 settings and want to keep them, you must rename the settings file from macmaestro.txt to macmaestro1.txt with Files.


1.0 3 years ago
iOS 12
First release. Happy Halloween!