Make sure no Devices are on at Night!


NightGuard is an easy-to-use shortcut that allows you to make sure your kids devices are off every night!

This Shortcut May not be 100% reliable, due to glitches and to easy Edits for Shortcut Bypass and tampering for false information! More reliable on younger kids or kids with less Siri Shortcuts knowledge or technology knowledge! This shortcut detects usage by setting volume/brightness to MAX, if kids play games in the night, the volume will wake parents, or if the volume is changed, it logs it into a Base64 Encoded File! This has not been tested for CPU usage, could cause long-term damage depending on device and device hardware status!

(Use At Your Own Risk! Data Rates May Apply!)

Latest Release Notes

BETA v2 - Aug. 19, 2020, 7:29 p.m.

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