NordVPN Manager

Offers a quick way to connect/disconnect from NordVPN



  • The paid version for ToolBox Pro
  • A NordVPN subscription

What it does?

Basically to get the shortcut actions for NordVPN you have to go through the app and add the Connect shortcut and the Disconnect shortcut separately.

This shortcut changes which of the actions are offered depending on whether your VPN is on or off.

Simply press ok to change VPN status and that's it! (Or cancel if you don't wanna change status)

It's nothing special but it's quick and easy so I thought I'd post it here! There will be no updates unless it breaks sometime in a future iOS update but it's so simple I doubt it'll break. Enjoy!

~ JVLawnDarts

Latest Release Notes

1.0 round 2? - Aug. 20, 2020, 1:09 a.m.

Just a small little tweak

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