YTScript - A Standalone YouTube Downloader

Download YouTube video, audio or watch in the background/PiP, no 3rd party apps or services needed!



YTScript allows you to download video and audio from YouTube without the need of additional applications or third party services. Compatible with iOS 13 & 14!


  • Download YouTube video (up to 720p)
  • Download YouTube audio
  • Watch videos in the background
  • Watch videos using PiP (only on iOS 14)
  • Individual & reconfigurable saving location options for videos and audio
  • Runs within apps (using share sheet)


Graphics made with MediaKit.

Main download process was based from this blog post by Alexey Golub. Video direct URLs are obtained directly from YouTube.

Protected videos can still be downloaded with a simple and automatic Safari redirect. Most videos however will be able to be downloaded or watched in the background within the YouTube app. iOS 14 background playback/PiP requires use of Safari due to changes on iOS shortcuts (such as exiting a shortcut when pressing the home button, or swiping to go to the home screen).

Disclaimer: You should only use YTScript to download or view your own content easily from your iOS device.


If you would like to donate, donations are welcome and appreciated to continue making shortcuts and maintaining them with periodic bug fixes and improvements. Donations are accepted through this BTC address:


Latest Release Notes

1E15 - Dec. 30, 2020, 5:20 p.m.

1E15: Added missing action for when RoutineHub connection times out.

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