Wander • The official Odyssey jailbreak installer

/ˈwändər/ · verb · move or travel slowly through a place


If the shortcut is not installing, please download any shortcut from the Gallery tab in the Shortcuts app and run it at least once. Then go to Settings > Shortcuts and turn on Allow Untrusted Shortcuts. You can then install Wander and delete the shortcut you downloaded from the gallery after.


Wander Video Tutorial

Welcome to Wander

Wander is the official Odyssey jailbreak installer designed in California. Easily download the Odyssey app and install it with a variety of methods. Check the changelog of new Odyssey releases quickly.

For more information on Odyssey, visit the Odyssey website.

Supported Methods

Wander supports installing Odyssey via these methods:

Additionally, you can open the Odyssey .ipa in the share sheet, or save it to the Files app.

Banner created by Burrito and designed by 23 Aaron.

Latest Release Notes

1.2 - Sept. 20, 2020, 10:05 p.m.

Wander 1.2 adds a new "Express Mode", suggested by JoshTV. Express mode allows you to quickly install/reinstall/update Odyssey using your preferred method, with just 1 tap of "Install/Reinstall Odyssey". Check out the Settings to turn it on.

I also heard on Twitter, and Wander 1.2 brings cellular updating! Now, you can update Wander on your cell plan.

UI/UX was changed a bit to make it more clear on what different features of Wander do.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to hit me up on Twitter (@BurritoSOFTWARE), on my Discord (burrito.software/discord), or through snail mail ([email protected]).

Enjoy! ❤️

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