Bulk Category Tagger

Add a custom tag comment to multiple Shortcuts at the same time.


Add a custom comment to any number of selected Shortcuts simultaneously.

This initial release was designed to add a LaunchCutsTags comment to an entire category of Shortcuts at once. But it can be used to add any comment you like.

You can select your target Shortcuts from a list of all your Shortcuts, or if you have LaunchCuts, select one of your LaunchCuts folders.

Uses Swing Updater to check for updates, which are on the way already. (Suggestions or requests? Leave a comment.).

Built on iOS 13, and tested on iOS 14b6.


Latest Release Notes

1.1 - Sept. 3, 2020, 3:54 a.m.

Replaced third-party Updater with embedded self-updating μUpdate.

Version history