Shortcuts Widget (with custom images)

It looks and works like the Shortcuts widget, in any size, but you get to add your own images!


This shortcut makes a widget that mimics the appearance and function of the official iOS 14 Shortcuts widget, but you can put your own images inside instead. It’s currently limited to the medium size, but you can expect that to change soon.

Limitations and issues:

  1. You add your images by pasting them, Base64 Encoded, into the clearly marked Dictionaries at the start of the shortcut.

  2. You also add the names of the shortcuts to the dictionaries, but some special characters aren’t supported.

  3. The background is plain black/white by default, not transparent like the real deal.

This Shortcut has been designed with tweaking in mind — everything is labeled as clearly as possible, and sections are annotated so its easier to see what’s going on.

Latest Release Notes

1.0 - Sept. 27, 2020, 7:48 p.m.

Full release! Shortcuts Widget now supports all widget sizes, and the images are now just as sharp as those on the official Shortcuts widget. I’ve rebuilt everything nearly from scratch — including switching from Text boxes to Dictionary actions so its easier to fill in your info. You do still need to Bas64 encode your images and paste them in, so it will take a couple minutes of work to set up the widgets.
The widgets produced by this shortcut are now called “Shortcuts (Small)”, “Shortcuts (Medium)” and “Shortcuts (Large)”, so your previous widget won’t be overwritten.

Every part of this shortcut is labeled as clearly as possible to make it easy to adjust it for your own purposes, and the directions for setup are listed at the top of the shortcut itself.

Version history