Music, Ambient Sounds, White Noise and much more - enjoy your HomePod even more!



Give your HomePod an interface

HomeStudio gives you an interface for your HomePod (or any other bluetooth speaker) from which you can quickly connect to it, play some music or Podcasts, make calls or FaceTime, etc.

homeStudio is customizable - meaning you can connect any other Bluetooth speaker instead of a HomePod.


Main Features

  • Connect to your HomePod easily
  • Regularly Updated Playlists
  • Ambient Sounds
  • White Noise
  • Stay up to date with AirUpdater


What HomeStudio allows you to do

  • Connect to HomePod - Connects in one tap
  • Phone Station - Select a contact to call or open the Phone app
  • Apple Music - Search for playlists, albums or artists or simply open the Music app
  • Radio - Select a Radio channel
  • Podcasts -Select or search a Podcast, or simply open the app
  • Adjust Volume - Lets you select a volume preset
  • Settings - Opens the settings menu

Why and when this is useful

The HomePod and most speakers do not have an interface, this Shortcut functions as such. Perfect for those who just want to have everything in one place. There is no need to switch apps anymore with HomeStudio.

If you do not own a HomePod, you can select your favourite Bluetooth speaker during the installation of the HomeStudio.


Stay up to date

HomeStudio is powered by AirUpdater.

AirUpdater will check regularly for updates and it will alert you if there is a newer version available for download.


Known Issues

As of version 1.8:

  • Adjust Volume does not work.



Latest Release Notes

1.8.0 - Oct. 19, 2020, 9:20 p.m.

» New in HomeStudio Version 1.8:
- Addition of Ambient Sounds & White Noise.
- Improved UI.
- HomeStudio has been rewritten from the ground up for a better user experience.

Version history