Auto Shazam++

Auto Shazam Songs with Shazam++ in the Background!


Auto Shazam++ (v2.2)

The Companion Shortcut for Shazam++ with Auto Shazam!


Auto Shazam++ is the companion shortcut for Shazam++ that let’s you Auto Shazam from the Background.

Looks amazing as a Home Screen Widget and lets you Shazam songs in Other Apps!


  • Use Shazam++ in Other Apps and use your device while trying to Shazam!
  • Supports New Shazam History Feature!
  • Works great on a Home Screen Widget
  • Ideal for Discovering Music on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok & More
  • Shazam videos playing in PiP
  • Also works while your device is Locked
  • Activate with Back Tap for Faster access!
  • Just say, “Hey Siri, Auto Shazam” to use Shazam++ from Siri!

*Requires Shazam++

NEW: Quick Shazam!

Latest Release Notes

2.2 - Oct. 26, 2021, 3:35 p.m.

Change Log (v2.2):
•Minor Improvements
•Tested to Work on iOS 15.1+

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