Ultimate Spotify Shortcut

The Ultimate Spotify Shortcut -- Everything Spotify, In a Shortcut


Ultimate Spotify Shortcut

This Shortcut makes most things in the Spotify app and much more available in Shortcuts!


iPad is now supported

iOS 14 and 13 work as intended now.

Current Features

alt text

Play Something

  • Library
  • Search -Advanced Search -Search Everything on Spotify -Play Something Random
  • Play Last Played

Player Options

  • Pause, Play, Skip, Go Back, Seek, Toggle Repeat/Shuffle etc.

Currently Playing alt text - Opens a webpage containing details about what you are currently playing.

  • Lyrics
  • Track Info

Playlist Options - Add/Remove tracks from a playlist - Create a playlist - Edit Playlist Details

Shazam alt text - Opens webpage with details about Shazamed track.

  • Lyrics
  • Option to add to your Spotify library or playlist

Add/Remove from Library - Add or remove playlists, tracks, albums or artists from your library

User Info - Gives information about the connected account

  • Account Information
  • Most Played Artists and Tracks for last 3 months 6 months and all time

Driving Mode - Hands free playing of a playlist from your library or any track

Latest Release Notes

1.2 - Sept. 20, 2020, 8:17 a.m.

- iPad Fix part 2
- User Info feature no longer glitched out

Version history