Icon Themer

Create custom home screen icons that launch your apps directly


Compatible with iOS & iPadOS 14.0–14.4.2

⚠️ NOT compatible with iOS 14.5. DO NOT UPDATE. ⚠️

When theming home screen icons, the most common issue people have encountered is that the themed icons open the Shortcuts app before launching the actual app. However, in iOS 14, Apple introduced the ability to create profiles that launch apps without a redirect, so I created Icon Themer to make use of this feature.

Starting from iOS 14.3, shortcut icons added to the home screen no longer redirect to the Shortcuts app. However, Icon Themer still provides a superior experience for multiple reasons.

More info: https://iconthemer.app

Latest Release Notes

0.9.6 - May 3, 2021, 7:50 p.m.

Updated notice. Downgrading to iOS 14.4.2 is no longer possible.

Version history