Daily Dashboard

Sleep, motion, heart, calendar, workouts and productivity in one chart widget


Your daily life data — together in one chart.

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Daily Dashboard uses the Charty app to combine your daily data into one chart, which can be assigned to a widget.


  1. Install the Daily Dashboard shortcut.
  2. Install Charty.
  3. Install Toolbox Pro.
  4. Join RescueTime.
  5. Get a RescueTime API key.
  6. Run the Daily Dashboard shortcut.

Note: Toolbox Pro and RescueTime are optional but recommended.

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Available series

  • Motion (active energy)
  • Heart rate
  • Resting heart rate
  • Sleep
  • Calendar events
  • Workouts (via Toolbox Pro)
  • Productivity (via RescueTime)
  • Mindfulness

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  • Track your day as it progresses.
  • View charts in a widget.
  • Share reports as image, text or PDF.
  • Perfect for fitness trackers and life loggers.
  • Great for journaling.


  • It can take 15-30 seconds to update the chart.
  • Charty and Toolbox Pro must be unlocked (not free).
  • RescueTime tracks Mac/PC usage but does not track iOS devices well.


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Watch a demo...

Daily Dashboard Demo


The following permissions are required.

  • iCloud Drive
  • Run Shortcuts
  • View Shortcuts
  • Charty
  • Health: Steps
  • Health: Distance
  • Health: Heart rate
  • Health: Resting heart rate
  • Health: Sleep
  • Health: Active energy
  • Health: Mindfulness
  • Calendar
  • Toolbox Pro
  • Notifications
  • RescueTime website
  • RoutineHub website

More information

Latest Release Notes

0.1.14 - March 24, 2021, 2:56 p.m.

- New link to workaround shortcut not found error condition

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