The Reddit API, now in Shortcuts


SnooCuts brings the full Reddit API to Shortcuts. Whereas most Reddit shortcuts use the limited unauthenticated API to retrieve information, SnooCuts uses the same Reddit API that all apps and bots use.

The core of SnooCuts is a mechanism for OAuth 2, the authentication standard that the Reddit API uses. You create an "app" for your account and put the details into SnooCuts, and just like that you have access to the full Reddit API. Previous Reddit API solutions have required another server or service (such as IFTTT) to handle authentication. SnooCuts removes the middleman, so it's all between you and Reddit.

SnooCuts also includes a wrapper for the Reddit API that makes it possible to use any API endpoint, not just the limited set of built-in endpoints, without worrying about authentication. (See the Guide, accessible through the main menu of SnooCuts, for more information.)

Use SnooCuts in your personal shortcuts, or use it as a dependency in shortcuts you distribute (and make sure users have it installed if you do). Either way, SnooCuts smashes the barrier that has kept the Reddit API out of reach for Shortcuts thus far and enables you to do much more.

SnooCuts will be updated regularly with new features and bugfixes. Items on the roadmap include more built-in functions and proper image/video uploads.

Welcome screen and documentation assembled with ScreenKit by @alombi.


Latest Release Notes

1.0 - Nov. 1, 2020, 4:22 a.m.

Performance and interface enhancements.

- Adds an Exit button to the main menu.
- Removes the first-run setup process for iOS 14 compatibility.
- The Welcome screen is now much shorter and cleaner.
- The icons for the Guide are now in a separate Dictionary action that only runs when you open the guide, for improved performance.

No new API features for this update, but those are coming soon, particularly support for post flairs.

Version history