Fancy Icon Maker

Custom home screen icons without opening shortcuts. Add as many as icons as you want all at once.


WARNING: iOS versions 14.5 and later break Fancy Icon Maker FOREVER. Do not update to iOS 14.5 if you want to be able to use the shortcut

Fancy Icon Maker is a unique shortcut designed to let you make custom icons that launch directly from your home screen without having to first open the Shortcuts app.

Better yet, with Fancy Icon Maker you can add as many custom icons as you want to your device all at once and they will be saved as one bundle in one central location.

Fancy Icon Maker Demo

iOS 14 Fancy Icon Promo

Fancy Icon Maker can be run either directly in the Shortcuts app or as a widget. It works great with either method. But the smoothest experience is through running it from a widget.

Custom icons created with Fancy Icon Maker
Look Ma ... No Labels

How Fancy Icon Maker Works

The first thing you will see when you run Fancy Icon Maker is the main menu. It contains four options:

  • Customize App Store App
  • Customize System App
  • Instructions
  • Settings

Your first step for creating a custom icon is to select one of these options.

Then you enter the name of the app you want to add or select a system app from the menu, pick the Icon you want, the label you want and you are done customizing that app.

Repeat this process with each app you want to create a custom app for. Once you are done creating icons, select Create My Fancy Icons to go to the icon installation screen.

Follow the instructions there and all your custom icons will appear on your Home Screen.

Extended Demo of Fancy Icon Creator in Action

iOS 14 Fancy Icon Promo

HOT TIP - Enter a blank space in the label name to create custom icons with no name.

Fine Print:

  • Fancy Icon Maker creates custom home screen icons by installing a file called a configuration profile on your device. Other custom icon shortcuts may make you install individual configuration profiles for each app you want to customize. Fancy Icon Maker let’s you install as many custom icons as you want all at once. When you delete an icon, the icon remains stored on your device unless you delete the entire profile.
  • The configuration profiles created by Fancy Icon Maker only contain web clips (like the home screen bookmarks you can add from safari or shortcuts). The magic is that these web clips let you open apps directly from the home screen.
  • Visit Apple's Web Clip information page for more information about web clips.
  • Note: there are 6 system apps which do need to open through shortcuts - Calculator, Camera, Clock, Contacts, Phone, Voice Memo and Weather

Enjoy Using Fancy Icon Maker!

Latest Release Notes

0.3 - Feb. 23, 2021, 1:37 p.m.

WARNING: iOS version 14.5 and later will permanently break Fancy Icon Maker. At this time there is no known way to fix it if you upgrade. If you want to keep using Fancy Icon Maker, do not upgrade past iOS version 4.

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