Blow up your friend’s phone with smsRIP!



The Best Text Spammer on RoutineHub!!! (in my humble opinion..)

Have you ever tried to spam text someone with the copy and paste method and got annoyed after the first few minutes of doing it? Well now you can spam faster with absolutely no effort with smsRIP! Just select a contact, type a message, and let it smsRIP!


  • Select a Contact
  • Type a Message
  • Select a how many times you want to send the message (Or set to infinite)
  • Let it smsRIP!!!  


  • Infinite Text Spam (Like Forever)
  • Group Chat Support
  • Custom Messages
  • Test Mode to send Notification to your device instead of actually sending a text
  • New Online Tips and Tricks shown periodically at launch
  • Blacklisted Recipient Filtering (BRF) (Installed as a precaution, not open to requests right now)

If you have any ideas for new features, or find any bugs while using smsRIP, be sure to leave feedback below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!  


This shortcut is meant to be used for fun little pranks, so please don’t use this to be mean to anyone.

Also be sure to check that you and/or the recipient don’t have a limited texting plan because this could incur charges on someone’s phone plan.

You have been warned!  


smsRIP by @Techman (Check out my profile for other awesome shortcuts!!) on RoutineHub

Embed-a-Update by @pfg of RoutineHub

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Moves online feature to new web server

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