Publish your Shortcuts to RoutineHub directly from your iOS device.


Developer note: because the Shortcuts app often crashes when using complex shortcuts from the Share Sheet, it is recommended that you use the AirBag shortcut with RoutinePub.

Introducing RoutinePub

Publish your iOS 12 shortcuts to RoutineHub directly from the Shortcuts app using RoutinePub, and distribute future updates through UpdateKit.

RoutinePub was created in conjunction with RoutineHub and is an officially supported method of submitting your shortcuts.

Note: RoutinePub requires UpdateKit 2.0 or later to be installed on the publisher's phone to function properly. You can download the latest version of UpdateKit from the UpdateKit website. This requirement is so that you will always have the latest version of RoutinePub, to help mitigate any potential shortcut-breaking API changes in future versions. RoutinePub 2.0 also includes CryptoKit by u/schl3ck.

How It Works

RoutinePub allows you to publish new versions of your RoutineHub shortcuts without leaving the Shortcuts app on your iOS device. First, you'll need to create a new Shortcut on the RoutinePub website and set it to Published. Don't worry about adding a version right now — we'll do that in a second. For now, just click "Continue in RoutinePub" to see your shortcut's ID.

Now all you need is the API Key listed on your RoutineHub account settings page and you're ready to go!

Once you've installed RoutinePub, you'll be prompted to add your API Key to the shortcut. If Shortcuts crashes before asking this question (it happens!) just edit the RoutinePub shortcut, tap the Settings button (two switches in the upper-right corner, just under Done) and tap "Customize Shortcut…" to enter your key.

After entering your API Key, you're all setup!

When you're ready to publish a new version of your shortcut, open it in the editor inside the Shortcuts app and hit the Share button. Select Shortcuts » RoutinePub from the share menu and you're off!

RoutinePub will fetch a list of shortcuts on your RoutineHub user account and present you with the list. Select the one you want to update, follow the prompts to enter a new version number and some notes about what's new. That's it! You're done!

Your new shortcut will now be available from the RoutineHub website.

Delivering Updates to Users

If you want users of your shortcut to be able to get the latest version automatically, you can integrate UpdateKit into your shortcut. UpdateKit is an easy way to deliver shortcut updates to your users.

You can find out more by visting the UpdateKit website and browsing the documentation. Starting with UpdateKit 2.0, you can even skip some of the UpdateKit setup by simply providing your shortcut's ID number on RoutineHub. Check out the RoutineHub Integration section of the documentation for more information.

Latest Release Notes

3.3 - Dec. 9, 2018, 3:32 p.m.

AirBags now come standard!

This update adds the functionality of the AirBag shortcut built into RoutinePub. This will help prevent most crashes related to publishing shortcuts with RoutinePub.

If you are using RoutinePub 3.3 or higher, you do not need to use AirBag with it. You can still use AirBag with other shortcuts, as needed.

If you don’t know about AirBag, it’s a new shortcut that helps protect you from crashes in the Shortcuts app. You can find it on RoutineHub!

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