Meme Maker

Quickly create memes!


Using Meme Maker, you can caption images from your photo library with text or other images.


  1. Image to caption?
  2. Caption with another image or some text?
  3. Select image / type text
  4. Above or below?
  5. Share your meme!


This shortcut updates using SwiftUpdate

Please note: Updates are not automatic, since making users wait for update checking every time they run a shortcut kind of defeats the point.

Ensure that you manually check for updates every once in a while by selecting Check for Updates, or download my automatic update checker [coming soon]

Coming in Version 2.0

  • Common reaction images
  • Meme templates (e.g. drake)
  • Place text anywhere

Latest Release Notes

1 - Oct. 16, 2020, 10 a.m.


Version history