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Grocy Companion Shortcut



Save on mobile data by not loading additional resources

SETUP: please update the server name including the trailing “/“ and update with your api at the top of the shortcut

Easy Updates: - Updating the shortcut will not force you to reconfigure the shortcut.


  • easily add photos to your products

  • easily add descriptions to your products

  • easily update inventory



  • Quick consume

  • Create Meal Plans

  • Get receipe ideas based off of your products/current-stock (add-on)

Shopping List

  • Add multiple items to shopping list

  • Share your shopping list to any app

  • OCR receipts (add-on)

Barcode Actions - Scan mulitple barcodes one after the other

  • easily purchase items after shopping trip

  • easily consume/spoil products before throwing them out

  • best tool to inventory

  • create products from Open-databases (add-on)

Chores - Complete multiple chores quickly


  • Create tasks from speech or text

  • Complete Tasks

Photo Search and Upload - Apply web searched photos to products

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Optimized for GrocyV3+

Latest Release Notes

2.0.0 - March 12, 2021, 4:58 p.m.

prior versions of the shortcut required you to have sample data in chores, tasks, stores and recipes. I have updated that to not REQUIRE them but obviously some actions won't work without it.

Please report any issues

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