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PLEASE DOWNLOAD SCRIPTABLE BEFORE USING OR IT WILL NOT WORK. This is my frontend for Download API, this integrates my API with a rich UI for the end user. The entire UI is rich with icons unique to each function. The menu navigation is simple, refined, from what started as a mess, to a simple main menu, showing the 2 primary options you care about, plus the credits and exit options.

The submenus are placed in ways that are predictable, perfect to context. Icons are added to every option of every submenu. It took some time but its great now!

And ease of access is the key. Any competing downloaders have the flaw of having to paste your URL into the box and all that is just tedious. With Youtube DL, the download URL box will open with your URL in place! Just confirm the URL and you’ve downloaded the video! Edit: There’s Shazam built in now!

The download function will let you easily modify the video and share it! Already saved the video? Just go to the video’s context menu from your Video Library! You can do everything that you could do from the download prompt, and delete the video if you no longer wish to keep it!

More features coming soon! Please provide feedback on my shortcut! It boosts community engagement! And like the video to encourage me to keep the shortcut up to date! Thanks!

Latest Release Notes

1.2.3 - Nov. 10, 2020, 2:23 p.m.

fixed the empty video library error and now it takes you back to the main menu with the cost of opening the shortcuts app (._. )

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