Search YouTube [Server Shutdown]

Searches Youtube, says the last 5 results, opens link


[UPDATE] I have long discontinued the backened that allowed the shortcut to return the desired results. It costed me money for no return at all but it was great while it lasted. For that reason, if you found it particularly helpful and would like to host the server yourself you can download a copy of it (I open sourced it a while back) and run it on your computer or a Raspberry Pi. GitHub:

The shortcut first makes sure you are running the current version of the shortcut to prevent you from requesting something from the server that might have potentially been changed.

Then, it asks what you would like to search on youtube and if it is a channel or not. It then sends this data to my personally hosted server that web scrapes Youtube for the title and links and it returns them as a dictionary to be used in the Shortcut.

After that, it asks which one would you like to watch which would send your word "number" to my server so it can translate it to an actual number to be used to get the url from the dictionary received earlier.

Finally, it goes through the dictionary to check if it finds a match from the numbered dictionary which contains the title and then gets the url from the url dictionary which uses the title as the key to then open the url in safari or the youtube app.

Latest Release Notes

2.02 - Nov. 6, 2018, 7:07 p.m.

Fixed a url issue which prevented users from contacting the server with their query, added a bug report where if the server returns no data, the user will be able to send a report that allows me to reconstruct what caused it to send nothing (it should always send back videos)

Version history